Working Out as a Couple

by Angela Yorke | January 12th, 2012 | Exercises

It’s always nice to belong to something, and a relationship is one such partnership in which most people are happy to be a part. Ironically, unless you’re married or living together, spending time with that special someone can be difficult. This is because, as it is for other people in today’s society, work often takes precedence over everything else.

However, couples can carve out time by working out together (if distance allows it). This means spending quality time exercising instead of the usual dinner and movie date. Of course, nothing’s stopping you from going for dinner and a movie afterwards. Chances are, you’ll enjoy the date more thanks to the endorphins that result from the exercise.

Despite fears of one-upmanship, it can be beneficial for a couple to exercise together even if the fitness levels and goals differ. For one, identifying the fitness activity that both of you would enjoy carrying out together can be a fun process that lends an extra dimension to the time spent in each other’s company.

Exercising with a significant other means that you have a guaranteed source of near-endless support and motivation. Often, praise from a loved one can be far better and more effective motivation than receiving it from a dedicated trainer.

Additionally, forming a workout partnership tends to ensure that a person’s approach to fitness remains balanced. “Balance” refers to the equilibrium that is struck between aerobic and strength training, while ensuring that you enjoy yourself in the process. Generally, aerobic workouts are popular among women, while most men gravitate toward the weight room. Exercising together (not forgetting flexibility) would usually mean getting a more even combination of both activities.

Another benefit of working out together is that you’ll never be short of a workout buddy, which can translate into better personal safety. This could come in the form of a spotter during weight training, or another pair of eyes to watch out for reckless drivers or stray dogs while out on a run.

Even if your boy/girlfriend decides that a particular activity might not be a good fit for them, you would enjoy the experience of having attempted something new (Pilates, maybe), and might be motivated to pursue it on your own.

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