Working Out in Pairs

by Editorial Team | September 16th, 2010 | Strength Training

I work out six days a week, every week.  It is an integral part of my life, something I look forward to.  So, when I workout, it isn’t just checking a box and saying that I worked out.  Regardless to what sort of exercise I am doing that day (stair running, strength training, running), I give 100% effort.  In my opinion, there’s no reason to workout if you’re not going to give it your all.

Recently, my husband and I were traveling.  As I don’t like missing workouts due to travel, I had packed my clothing.  Our hotel didn’t have a fitness center but offered passes to a local gym.  Typically, I would go to the gym whenever it fit into my morning schedule.  As the gym was a few blocks away, we decided to head there together, and my husband asked if I would want to complete our workout together.  It seemed like a good idea to me.

It ended up being a fantastic idea.  Working out with a partner had multiple benefits.

  1. New exercises– Working out with my husband provided some variety to my typical strength training regimen.  I have added some of these exercises to my regular routine to give my muscles a new way of being worked.
  2. Technique perfection– Having someone else watch me do my exercises allowed me to receive feedback.  When doing flies, I wasn’t stretching quite as far as I could have.  While it felt like I was stretching fully, I was able to see that I could give it just a little bit more.
  3. Validation– For someone who never has worked with a trainer, it was good to hear that the majority of my exercises were well done.
  4. Companionship– Although not a physical benefit, the company of a workout partner is good emotionally.  While I enjoy being lost in the world of my iPod Shuffle when I work out solo, it was good to have a partner with whom I could talk.

While it isn’t viable to workout with my husband on a daily basis, or even on a weekly basis some weeks, it is good to find time to workout together on a regular basis.  A little feedback and companionship make it something to add to your workout to-do list.

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