Workout at the Beach!

by Mackenzie M. | January 22nd, 2013 | Cardio, Outdoor

beachEven though most of the country is in the midst of a deep freeze, before long it will be time for a long day out in the sun by the seashore. For those fortunate enough to live near a balmy beach all year round, the sand and water provide a great outdoor workout space. Even for those on vacation, a couple of days working out in the sand will do wonders for your muscles. For the ultimate outdoor workout, head to the nearest beach!

No matter what part of the country, it is common to see people jogging across the sand on nice days. While this may look like the typical jog, sand provides an incredible amount of resistance that will burn calories and build muscles exponentially faster than a run on pavement. It is also great for cardio.

For inexperienced beach runners, be sure to run only until your leg muscles start to burn. Slowly build up beach running abilities to avoid pulling or damaging any important muscles. Vacationers are often caught by surprise at the intense workout provided by the sand and surf. Even a twenty minute beach run is sure to blast fat and build muscle in no time.

Many fitness publications recommend doing other sorts of muscle building exercises on the beach as well. Completing these exercises three to four times a week paired with a healthy diet will sculpt a beach body in no time. To begin, try lunges and squat jumps in the sand. These exercises are targeted at the glute muscles and are extra effective in the sand. Scissor jumps require the person to get into the lunge position, and then jump while switching legs. Similarly, for board jumps, simply jump forward as far as you can and repeat. The resistance provided by the sand is a great way to build leg muscles.

Anyone who has been swimming in the ocean can attest that bouncing up against the waves actually takes a considerable amount of effort. Simply wading in shoulder deep water and bouncing lightly propelling with your feet during each wave works the ab muscles significantly. Find an area of safe water with a mild current and simply move up and down with the waves as they come up to the shore. The resistance from the water is similar to lifting weights or doing crunches. Swimming laps along the shoreline is another great way to build muscles; however, this is recommended only for strong swimmers and only on days with manageable currents.

Beach workouts are guaranteed to yield amazing results. Beachgoers in California and Florida can attest to the intensity of a beach workout; however, with all of the sun and salt water, be sure to stay hydrated and use sunscreen. The sand is a much more difficult surface than in the gym, so be sure to take extra precautions. Finally, be sure to workout on a beach near a lifeguard, especially when entering the water. Otherwise, enjoy the sand and surf during your next beach workout!

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