Your Best Friend’s Wedding And You Have To Get In That Dress!

by Editorial Team | May 24th, 2017 | Exercises

Your best friend is getting married and you gladly accepted the request to be her maid of honor. You have helped her pick out a customized wedding dress that is just perfect on her. Then she shows you the dress she wants you to wear. It is stunning. It is a form-fitting strapless gown with a lovely sash. Suddenly you think of the late night ice cream treats you indulged in, the times you skipped the gym and opted to go out for dinner instead. You take a good look at your body and you see those 10 pounds that crept up on you when you were not looking. Not wearing the dress is not an option. Your only choice is to get that weight off now.

First things first, start with your brain
In order to get physically healthy, you must be mentally healthy. You must be focused, determined, and motivated. There is more to that task than “making up your mind”. The brain is a chemical producing, organ. It must have the proper nutrients to function. Most of us do not get the proper nutrients from the foods we consume, especially when we are cutting calories to lose weight.

Nootropics are all natural supplements assist the brain. They are nicknamed “Smart drugs” because they are highly effective for alertness, focus, concentration, and memory. There are different nootropics that have different effects. This is why you customize your nootropic stacks to give you the results you need. Corpina is an industry leader. They produce the highest quality products and have the research and knowledge behind them to help their customers reach their peak.

Once you get the correct nootropics, you will have more energy, less anxiety, and you will feel great. This will help you with your weight-loss journey.

In order to lose weight and improve your muscle tone, you must exercise. You need to consult with an expert to help you balance your program. Your program must include stretching, aerobic type exercise (any exercise that requires effort and burns calories. Toning exercises, and cooling down. This combination gives you a healthy workout that will give you the fastest results.

There are many “diets” to consider. Many times people do not consider the amount of energy they will expel with daily workouts. Starvation is never a good choice. You need healthy and fresh foods to be healthy. Be thoughtful of your food preparations so extra calories do not sabotage your efforts. Do some research and choose a balanced diet that includes fruit, vegetables, lean meats, dairy, and minimal fats.

Limit your consumption of white foods (bread, flour, etc.)

Limit your consumption of fats. Broil or bake your foods and do not add oil to anything (such as salad).

You do not need sugar! Sugar is your enemy. There are plenty of foods that naturally taste sweet. Do not consume refined sugar.

Water is critical. You cannot live without water. You will lose a lot of your water through sweat. It must be replaced. Dehydration causes headaches, constipation, lethargy, stomach pain and much more. Severe dehydration leads to death.

Water also helps you lose weight. It flushes out toxins from your body. It makes you feel full. If you drink very cold water ½ hour before your meal the cold will contract the stomach muscles making it smaller and easier to fill.

On the wedding day, you will look slim and trim and you will make your friend proud. There is another bonus to drinking water. It gives your skin a healthy glow. You will be stunning.

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