3 Cardio Exercises That Create a Toned Butt

by Marnie Bii | August 31st, 2022 | Assorted Workouts, Cardio

spinning cycling (400x400)If you want to shape your butt while improving your overall fitness levels, consider focusing on cardio-exercises that utilize your glutes. Push yourself to make the most of each cardio session. At max effort, the muscles you use to move your body strengthen and tone up. After several months of performing the following routine two to three times a week, you’ll notice a big difference in your body composition, especially in the butt area. Read on to learn how to get started.


You can obtain a spin bike and follow along with workout videos to create a home routine. Make sure the videos take progress into account, so you continually up the ante as you go. If you have trouble motivating yourself, join a spin class at your local fitness center to work out alongside your peers. Spin instructors push their classes to start out slow and gradually increase their speed and effort.

As you gain strength, you can turn up the resistance on the bike to increase the difficulty of your workout. Since your glutes provide the majority of the power for pedaling your spin bike, that’ll be the first area that tones up and shows the results of your hard work.

Kettle Bell Swings

Fitness fanatics have been training their bodies with kettle bells for more than 100 years. The kettle bell design challenges your muscles by keeping the weight slightly off center. Performing kettle bell swings will train the muscles you need to perform squat reps in the future. Eventually, you want to work your way toward performing deep squats to perfect the shape of your butt.

Start with the five-pound weights and work your way up the ladder until you reach thirty pounds. Perform enough reps to get your heart pumping into the target range to turn this lift into a cardio routine. For the best results, keep your heartbeat in the target range for a few minutes, and then take a break to bring it back down before performing the next rep.

Deep Step Ups

Perform step-ups by using a raised leg on your porch, retaining wall or a sturdy bench. Alternate your legs to use both sides of your body equally. You can perform deep step-ups with or without additional weight on your shoulders or in your hands.

At first, you will want to start by using just your bodyweight alone. Work on going through the reps as fast as possible while keeping your form perfect. Tighten up your body to maximize muscle activation in the core, back, legs and butt areas.

Putting It Together

In addition to working your glutes, the above exercises activate the muscles in your back, core, legs and arms for a full body workout. To make the most of your time and effort, increase the speed while riding your spinning bike or performing the step-ups. In addition, gradually increase the weight of your kettle bells to continue toning your muscles. Remember to take before pictures, so you can easily measure your progress as you go.

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