Choosing Arm Weights

by Jessica B. | August 28th, 2012 | Strength Training, Upper Body

If you are looking to boost your upper body workout, switching it up with some new weights may be the way to go. There are a lot of different weights to choose from, from the infamous Shakeweight, made famous by Ellen, to arm weights you can wear, those you can carry, or those you can pull. Here are some things to think about before you invest. For many committed athletes, a combination of some of these items is the best solution.

1) A collection of small weights – These small hand weights, with different colors for different weights, are popular among women who workout a lot. They are useful if you are planning to keep your workouts within a specific zone. They don’t give you a ton of flexibility, but they are often more than enough for most people working out at home.

2) Adjustable weights – These weights have a small metal bar, and you can adjust the weight by adding or taking away discs from each side. These weights offer you a bit more flexibility, and they can allow you to boost your lifting to levels greater than small weights. They are more popular among male athletes looking to really build mass rather than just tone. They can be a little unwieldy for anyone looking to work with lighter weights, as they are just a bit too big.

3) Weight bar – Common at gyms for workout classes, bar weights are longer and better for two arm workouts. They make it a little easier to do exercises in which you are training both of your biceps or triceps at once. You are forced to keep both arms balanced, thus it is easier to put in an equal effort with both arms.

4) Elastic bands – Elastic bands can be stretched and twisted so that you can pull and lift your arms and change the tension as needed. They can be difficult to use if the elastic band is too long. Elastic bands can be used for most exercises. They are inexpensive and easy to store.

5) Wrist bands – You can also choose wristbands that weigh a few pounds. These are not great for typical weight lifting exercises but can be helpful if you want to work on building upper body strength while out running or walking. They can change your workout into something closer to what you might get on an elliptical trainer. By pumping your arms, you help to build strength.

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