Dieting Supplements; Help You Don’t Need

by B Kenney | February 10th, 2009 | Cardio, Eating Tips, Exercises

dietingOne of the biggest things my significant other constantly asks me is “Should I take something to help me start losing weight?”

She feels that she needs to take some sort of dieting supplement because she has a very busy schedule with little time for herself. Therefore, the time she gets to herself she would rather spend relaxing than exercising or working out.  I’m sure everyone can understand this feeling and situation; we’ve all been there at one time or another.

She is hoping that she can take whatever she chooses, and it will jump-start her body into burning off fat, so to speak.

This shows one of the biggest problems within our society today. Everyone wants an easy way to do things. Look around, there are get-rich quick schemes advertised on every corner and fat-burning diet pills and muscle building supplements that are meant to help with no added work. Our entire country is overshadowed by the idea that everything can happen instantly with no money or time investment.

Unfortunately this is not true. There is no easy sure-fire way out. In fact, most supplements even have a disclaimer on the label that clearly states rigorous and frequent exercise is needed along with the supplement.

Help would be a great thing to have, especially in the case of my significant other. Most people have the same situation or schedule problem. The only problem with this help is that once people get it, they begin to rely on it. Which means if there IS a supplement out there that actually burns fat with no added work, people will begin taking it and forget, once again, to exercise because they don’t need to anymore.

All this information points to one simple fact, and that fact is that the only way to remain healthy and keep your body where you want it is to exercise regularly without missing sessions.

No one can tell you which dieting supplements will or will not help, but if you ask anyone who knows something about health you will hear one thing, “Make sure you exercise”. Exercise is the only thing that everyone can be sure works for burning fat.

It will take work, it will take time, and it will take lots of energy. But if you want to remain in shape and healthy, you will have to exercise regularly. The added pride is much better when you look in the mirror and know you did the work yourself anyway.

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