Effective Strength Training Workout

by Kimberly Hays | December 25th, 2012 | 15 Minutes or Less, Strength Training

ballWe all strive for a quick, effective strength training workout. While we are perfecting our routine as far as how many reps to do, and what moves are best for the desired results, we can all use a few tips that will make our muscles work harder. This will shorten our workouts, as well as give us faster results. These tips are used by athletes who train for competition, and they are easy to incorporate into our strength training without changing much.

Remove Your Shoes – When doing moves while standing, going barefoot strengthens your feet because they are not restricted. Although this may sound odd, not wearing shoes also lessens the distance that you have to lift, and it allows you to lift more weight which will give you faster results.

Concentrate on Glutes – Remember to tighten your glutes when doing all moves. This will stabilize your torso, giving you faster results. You will be tightening your abs and glutes while doing other moves.

Toss a Medicine Ball – This is a great warm up. Get your central nervous system revved up by tossing a medicine ball against the wall like you are passing a basketball. Do five reps of this move, with three sets. This will get your muscle fibers charged when doing your routine.

Skip Breakfast – That’s right! According to The European Journal of Applied Physiology, planning your workout in the morning before breakfast is more effective in doubling muscle growth. Be sure to have a healthy meal after the workout, though.

Have a Shake – Speaking of a meal after your workout, why not have a protein shake? Opt for one that contains “hydrolyzed” protein. Because these proteins absorb quickly, they get to your muscles faster and level out insulin.

As you can see, these tips incorporated into your normal routine will not cause you to change much. Try adding a few, and see how these small changes can give you better results faster.

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