Going Strong: Build Arm Strength with Fat Gripz

by Marnie Bii | May 20th, 2014 | Accessories, Exercise Equipment

weights (400x400)Satisfactorily training your arms is not possible without a strong grip. At less than two inches in diameter, barbell and free weight bars do not adequately increase strength in your fingers, palms and wrists. Increasing the diameter of the bars reduces leverage and widens space between your fingers, which pushes your hand muscles to work harder and build strength.

Instead of replacing your entire weight set, or finding a new gym, invest in the Fat Gripz system. Fat Gripz wrap around any weight bar, so you can transform weight lifting equipment anywhere.


You clamp the Fat Gripz device right over your grip area and begin lifting like usual. The slit in the grip should face outward or inward, depending on which exercise you choose.

Don’t worry about weight maximums for this device. Fat Gripz manufacturers created the high-density compound from military-grade materials to ensure it does not deform under load.


You should not use your Fat Gripz for every weight exercise, just a few each session. Focus on performing dead lift, curl and bench press reps while using this device.

  • Curls: You can use the easy or hammer grip while using grip enhancers. Rotate the slit, so it faces your palm to start. Do eight sets of eight to start. Be sure to rest for one minute in between sets.
  • Bench Press: Place the grips right above your shoulders with the slit facing away from your palm. Also perform eight sets of eight for this exercise, but shorten the rest period to 30 seconds.
  • Dead Lift:  Use 1/2 of the weight you are used to at first. You can slowly increase the weight as you gauge how this device affects your gripping ability. Position the Fat Gripz with the seam facing your palm.

Make sure to give your hand muscles a day’s rest between sessions to allow the fibers to strengthen before putting them under strain again. Eat plenty of protein and vitamin-rich foods on your off days to further improve gains.


Strongman competitors, UFC fighters, professional sports players and military professionals all swear by utilizing thick bar training in their fitness routines. However, these groups often have specialized equipment on hand to make this a reality. Thankfully, with a pair on Fat Gripz in your arsenal, you will be able to join in on the fun without huge equipment investments.

As your grip strengthens, you will notice improvements in other areas of your workout. You should be able to handle greater weights due to increased strength in your hands, wrists and forearms. Fat Gripz give you an edge while doing pull ups, rowing work and arm wrestling as well.

Where to Buy

You can find your own pair of Fat Gripz at many fitness-focused online retailers. Be sure to select expedited shipping to start your new, improved workout as soon as possible. If you want to buy locally, seek out a GNC near you to pick up your new grip enhancers.

  1. DC says:

    Do like, but honestly get way more grip and muscle recruitment from Grip4orce.
    Two in one kinda grip device, have to squeeze constant while also getting the thick-bar feel.
    Use them a lot , good stuff though ;))

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