Muscle Confusion, Say What?

by B Kenney | May 27th, 2009 | Eating Tips, Exercises, Strength Training

picThe worst part of my workout routine is the set of dead lifts I do. I never have been completely comfortable doing them because well…let’s face it, dead lifts are tough. So, I tend to always avoid using dead lifts in my workout routines. But in all actuality, the dead lifts are really the best part of my routine (physically), as far as my body is concerned. Which is exactly why my body started to bulk up much faster after I threw the dead lift sets in.

Why do I say this?

Over time, the muscles and/or body learn to adapt to specific exercises and motions. This natural adaptation not only allows your body to heal and become stronger, it ensures your body works less and less over time as you continue a regular routine. With every workout, your body loses a certain amount of strength building potential and eventually a regular workout requires a change-up if muscle building is desired.

In order to maximize a workout routine, everyone should change exercises in their normal cycle every 6-8 weeks.  Keep in mind, however, that a change-up in regular routine doesn’t always mean a new exercise needs to be introduced; even a simple angle change, or reverse grip motion will work just as well. For example, if you have been doing crunches for the past 6 weeks, and you desire a change, just do full sit-ups instead or even inclined/hanging sit-ups. This slight change will throw off your muscles, and you may even notice the new change-up seems a little more difficult.

This process used to keep muscles working hard and to their full potential is known as “muscle confusion”. The idea is to keep your body and muscles from adapting to specific exercises, so that they are forced to work harder.

Follow these guidelines closely and change-up your normal routine every 6-8 weeks, and eventually your muscles will bulk or tone almost like they are screaming, “Say what?”

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