Stroller: Upper Body Workout

by Jessica B. | August 2nd, 2012 | Strength Training, Upper Body

The sun is shining and a lot of new moms are trying to work off that pregnancy weight so they feel a little more comfortable squeezing back into their old swimsuits. Here are a few simple upper body exercises you can do while pushing a stroller. They are great for moms and dads.

Combine your upper body workout exercises with a bit of power walking in between each exercise to keep your heart rate up and to get the most out of your exercise routine. If it is really hot where you live, consider doing your workout early or late in the day when things have cooled down a little bit.

Start by doing at least a five minute power walk to get you warmed up. If you have access to an area with hills, you will get the most of your work out.

1) Catch and carry – Stand at the top of a hill, it can be a small incline, like your driveway, or a larger incline. I do a lot of my stroller training at a park located on a former landfill (sounds awful, but it is really nice!), and the inclines are great for this. Stand holding your stroller handle with two hands (do not let go!), and make sure you have good firm posture. You want a solid stance, but don’t lock your knees. A slight bend works best. Now release your tension on the stroller, and let it roll slowly down the hill (again, don’t release completely, you don’t want to be running down the hill). When your arms have extended entirely, tighten your grip again and pull the stroller back into you. This is a good workout for shoulders and back. The steeper the hill, the tougher the challenge.

2) Push and release – This is the opposite of the catch and carry. You use the tension of the hill to push your stroller uphill, and then bring it controlled back to you. Turn around on the hill, and take the same stance. If you are on a very steep incline, you may consider trying a less steep one for this at first. Now, keeping your grip tight, push the stroller up the hill until your arms are fully extended. Then release slowly and controlled until the stroller is directly in front of you.

3) Lift and hold – For your last exercise, you can move to a flatter area and try to do simple bicep curls, but with your stroller. Hold on with both hands and lift by only bending at your elbows. You should be able to lift the back wheels from the ground. Then try to hold your stroller in this position as long as possible.

You should repeat all of these exercises for about 10-12 reps, or until you are tired.

Editor’s note – Exercise with a stroller using extreme caution.  Baby’s safety should always come first. 

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