Why Build Core Strength?

by Lori Sciame | August 16th, 2012 | Core, Mind & Body, Strength Training

Having a strong core is more important than most people realize.  If you have a strong core, not only exercise, but every day activities, can be done with more ease.  In addition, your balance and stability will be much better.  Read on to learn more about reasons to build your core strength.

First and foremost, having core strength makes it easier to do almost any daily activity, from maintaining proper posture, to tying your shoes.  For ladies, having strong abs makes it easier to easily paint your toe nails.  For both men, having strong abs can also make tasks such as heavy lifting more of a breeze. (Not to mention better intimate relations!)

Next, for both sexes, having strong abs helps reduce lower back pain.  The stronger your abs, the less likely you are to suffer from that aching feeling on both sides of your spine. This becomes especially important as we age, as we tend to neglect building the muscles in our abdominal and pelvic regions.  In fact, according to Livestrong.com weak abs can contribute to compression of the spine!

Finally, having a strong core increases balance and stability.  Because falls become of special concern for older Americans, having a strong core can reduce the injuries caused from these unintentional falls.

You may wonder why older adults need to maintain stability?  Well, medications such as those for high blood pressure, illnesses, such as multiple sclerosis, and even poor eyesight can make older people susceptible to falling.  If a person maintains strong core muscles, the harm from falls can be greatly reduced. Think about it this way – the stronger the base, the less likely that an outside force can cause it to topple.

Most hard core athletes understand that core muscles need to be developed; however, many Americans need convincing that doing sit ups and other exercises that target the core, are important.  Hopefully, the above reasons have convinced you to sit a little straighter, and to not forget about your abs.

For some reason, amazingly sculpted abs are all the rage.  In truth, most people don’t need to go to this extreme. Strong abs, those that can support a core sufficiently, are more important that looking good.

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