Winter Running Tights and Pants

by Jessica B. | January 9th, 2014 | Exercise Wear

running pantTemperatures are dropping in many areas, but if you still plan to run outside, it is important to have a good pair of running tights so that you do not get too cold. Here are a few of my favorite kinds of winter running tights for a variety of budgets.

1) North Face Winter Warm Tight – These tights are made for below freezing temps, so don’t get them out too early in the season. They have a nice fleece inside that is really comfortable to put on in the morning, and makes it easier to face the cold. These tights are easy to move in and help keep you warmer without overheating. The down side is that they don’t breathe as well as some other pants, but that is a common problem in winter running gear.

2) Brooks Utopia Thermal Cozy Pant – If tights are not your style, you can always try out these pants that are a little looser fitting. They are also not quite as instantly warm when you put them on and may be better suited to temperatures just around freezing. But they are a great transition pant and could be combined with something underneath if you are feeling self-conscious wearing running tights.

3) CW-X Revolution Tights – These tights are very lightweight so they are a great solution if you are planning to race this winter.  These tights are very restrictive in that they are designed to hold you in place to help prevent injury and keep in warmth, but some people find them too constricting. These are pricy, and this years models are very ‘loud’, but if you are looking for the best cold running solution, this is up there on the list.

4) Ibex Merino Wool Leggings – I was a little skeptical to the idea of running in wool tights, but this merino/lycra blend is so comfortable you won’t notice. I often throw a pair of shorts on over them so that the fit is not too distracting, but otherwise these are a great solution for cold morning runs. If you run a lot, you may want to be careful about washing these too much. You can allow them to air out rather than wash them after every run, to prolong their lifespan (don’t worry about odors, wool ‘self-cleans’) and throw them in the laundry on your rest day.


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