Working Out While Pregnant

by Jenn McD. | June 8th, 2010 | Exercises

There is a lot of uncertainty out there when it comes to being pregnant. One of the numerous things that a woman must worry about is staying in shape and being healthy. According to health experts, it is okay for a woman to exercise while pregnant, but she must keep it in moderation and know when to stop.

For women that don’t normally workout when they are not pregnant, it is suggested that swimming and water aerobics become the workout methods of choice while pregnant. Being in the water will help you feel lighter and the resistance will help tone and build muscle. Yoga is another form of exercise that helps women who are pregnant. The stretching and breathing exercises will help for the day of birth and it will help to relax and keep yourself calm leading up to the day your baby will be born. It would also be suggested to look for classes that are offered specifically for pregnant women. You will be able to meet women experiencing the same thing you are going through as well as having someone supervise your exercise methods to make sure you are not hurting yourself or the baby.

For women who already exercise outside of pregnancy, you should continue to do it, but modify the intensity of your workouts. Studies show that while working out, you should be able to carry on a conversation. If you are out of breath, you are overdoing it. It may be a little difficult, but you will get a system going once you find out what is appropriate for you and your baby.

In general, make sure while exercising you have plenty of water. Keep it with you at all times. Make sure you are wearing lightweight shoes that give your feet support as well as absorb your sweat. Make sure you are wearing a supportive bra as well. Stop exercising if you experience any kind of pain throughout your body or have vaginal bleeding. Avoid contact sports such as football, adventure sports such as rafting, and activities that could cause trauma such as horseback riding. As with anything else, make sure your diet is well balanced and nutritious.

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