3 Awesome Cardio Workouts Perfect for Couples

by Marnie Bii | February 2nd, 2015 | Assorted Workouts, Cardio

rock climbing wall (400x400)While on your journey to significant weight loss or strength gains, you may find your motivation flagging on occasion. The loss of oomph is a perfectly natural reaction to sustained personal improvement programs. Thankfully, you can invite your significant other along for the ride to strengthen your bond while meeting your goals. The physical activities you choose to complete together will likely inspire friendly competition, build trust and keep you on track to better health. Here are three exciting workout options you should definitely consider.


Kranking is the newest type of exercise to hit gyms today. The Krankcycle uses arm power alone to drive up your heart rate into the target zone. Although you’re working out side by side with your partner, you receive an individualized workout by using your own resistance settings. You’ll want to keep pace with your instructor to burn up to 10 calories per minute. You can compete with your partner to see how long you can turn the hand pedals without stopping to increase motivation even further.


The indoor climbing gym provides a great workout by training your muscles for the real deal. Even serious climbers come to the gym to work on their technique and build strength needed for scaling the cliffside. By going to the climbing gym with your partner, you can help build trust by switching off as the spotter. For every 15 minutes of climbing, you burn well over 100 calories while toning your core, arm, leg and back muscles. By switching off as a spotter for each other, you allow your body and heart to rest before resuming another round of intense activity. Make sure to work at least three sessions each into every visit to the indoor rock wall.


Running is a long time workout staple for good reason: it quickly torches calories at a rate of 100 calories per mile. Furthermore, you can run anywhere, anytime and it doesn’t require any extra equipment. Take your runs onto local trails to experience the beauty of area or simply go for a quick run around the neighborhood to sneak in a workout during busy times. Since a healthy running pace requires that you can talk comfortably, you can sneak in deep conversations during your workout. Make sure to match your intensity to find a comfortable pace for you both.

Pushing Your Limits

Discuss the workout routines and results with your partner at the end of each week to make sure you both are happy with the current level of intensity and time commitment. With two people’s needs, comfort and health to consider, it can take a bit more effort to fine-tune your workout. The extra effort you but into this process will definitely pay off once you both start to see results. Be sure to switch up your workouts several times a year anyway to prevent boredom and a decrease in motivation. Trying brand new activities together will also help strengthen your union and bring a bit of excitement into the relationship.

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