Eliminating Stress Through Positive Thinking

by Marnie Bii | March 1st, 2023 | Mind & Body, Stress

happy woman (400x400)Positive reinforcement does wonders when training canines or teaching kids how to cope with difficult tasks. The use of positivity gives people and animals a boost in confidence and pride in exchange for a job well done. Although it may seem impossible at first, you can even use positive thinking for yourself while trying to cope with stressful situations. According to the Mayo Clinic, using positive thinking patterns is a coping skill that can reduce depression, decrease distress and improve overall well-being.

You will have to steadily work toward replacing negative thoughts with positive ones until it becomes second nature. When you feel negative feelings starting to rise, brainstorm at least three positive aspects of the situation before you. Even thinking about how the trying times will lead to improved emotional strength may be enough to push the negativity away.

Continue with the positive thinking patterns until you feel the stressful feelings start to diminish. Eventually, you will find that the positive thoughts develop on their own, which helps you approach stressful situations without negative emotions clogging your mind. In the long run, positivity will even allow you to handle stress without letting it affect your mental or physical health status.

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