Has Fashion Hijacked Sportswear, or Is Sportswear Now Fashion Itself?

by Editorial Team | December 3rd, 2014 | Accessories, Exercise Wear

GenericA visit to the gym is no longer necessarily about sweating off the pounds or keeping the body looking trim and fit, it’s now a place to gather socially, meet friends, and look good. This has led to sports clothes being as likely to be seen on a fashion runway as it is in a sportswear shop, and though this crossover is nothing new, there are certain items that have become dominant in mainstream fashion. Here are a few sports clothes that have become part of the fashion conscious wardrobe.


The original thinking behind sports shoes was that of functionality, but as sports fans started to be swayed in their choice by the wearer rather than the sports shoe itself, a different approach to design has taken place. Air Jordan by Nike are a phenomenon in terms of sales, and that was down to the street appeal they had for the youth of America, which then swept the world. Since those days, though sports shoes still have their functionality, wearing the right sports shoes has become a must for the trend setters in society. The fact that there is still a demand for original Nike and Adidas designs 30 years after their original manufacture is testament to the effect that some of these iconic brands and designs have had on society.

Crop Tops

The original crop tops were worn by dancers and people embracing the new fitness craze in the 1980s, but their appeal increased as pop stars and the celebrities of the day embraced them as part of their wardrobe. They may have faded as new fashions came onto the scene and popular musical tastes turned away from pop bands to a more hardcore music scene, but they are now back with a vengeance. Crop tops are once again being worn by the rich and famous, and it was only natural that the followers of fashion would once again start to wear them too. There may be other fashionable tops for the discerning lady to exercise in, but crop tops are still among the favourites.


Whether you are in the United Kingdom, the United States, or Thailand, sports shirts can be seen everywhere. Affiliating yourself to a team is a good enough reason to buy a sports shirt, but with the fantastic designs that most shirts have these days, they are worn as much as a statement of fashion as for a totem of your team. And it doesn’t stop there. Cycling shorts and T-shirts are no longer limited to cyclists; they are just as likely to be seen being worn by a movie star as they are an Olympic cyclist, and the style, comfort, and practicality of them has meant ever increasing use. Most fashion conscious sports suppliers now stock a huge variety of sports shirts, and there are enough online sports clothing sites to make purchasing easy

Track Suits

Perhaps it was the fascination with hip hop stars, or simply the comfort they afforded, but whatever the reason, track suits are now a staple of any fashion conscious individual. Companies like Nike and Adidas may have started the public’s love of the track suit, but as more and more designer labels started to sell them, the label loving buyer started to appreciate their value too. The track suits of the 1970s are so far removed from the stylized comfort clothes of today that they are barely recognizable as serving the same purpose, but serve it they undoubtedly do. They may have had a few ups and downs over the years, but believe me, track suits as a fashion are here to stay.

Fashion will always be with us, as too will sport. Combining them both in fashionable clothes was only a natural progression. That progression has been working well now for over 30 years, and has made it possible to look great even when you are tired after your latest visit to the gym.

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