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by Joe Lawrence | November 18th, 2009 | Cardio, Eating Tips, Exercises, Family Fitness, Running, Sports, Strength Training

coffeeWhen it comes to fitness, there is no secret that you put your body through the wringer.  Afterward your body requires the replacement of essential nutrients.  There are many companies and a trillion dollar fitness industry willing to sell you the secret potions to replenish you after a workout and to get you going for the workout.  Instead of creating an empty bank account, visit your grocery store for better alternatives.

Before your workout, drink a cup of coffee.  Athletes used to frown on this because it is a diuretic.  Those working out take in as much water as they can during the workout.  Coffee may cause you to lose water and therefore decrease your muscle efficiency…so it was thought.

Taking in some coffee before the workout gives you a needed boost of energy from the caffeine.  That is the obvious result.  What is not so apparent is caffeine actually is a pain inhibitor.  A study done at the University of Illinois researched the effects of coffee on athletes.  It was discovered it blocked certain pain receptors in the brain.  This means when you get to the point you are feeling the pain and usually decide to stop can be pushed even further.  “No pain, no gain.”

Coffee before the workout, and for afterward another treat for you.  Chocolate milk.  Not only is it delicious, it is better for you than almost every other drink at replenishing your fluids.  Water is the best at replacing the water you lose, obviously.  However, chocolate milk does have water and does replace those fluids.

Many turn to sports drinks for replacing the electrolytes lost.  Sports drinks actually have too many of these carbs and often are best for you when watered down.  Also they have almost no protein, which is the most important nutrient for muscle recovery.  Chocolate milk has all the essential carbs and sodium to aid in water retention and electrolyte replacement.  Not to mention, chocolate milk also contains protein making it even better than sports drinks.

Save money on expensive supplements, and buy two cheap alternatives that are even better for you.

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