“Snatch the Pebble…”

by Joe Lawrence | February 18th, 2009 | Cardio, Eating Tips, Family Fitness, Sports, Strength Training

Why are so many people registering their children or themselves for martial arts classes?  There are numerous reasons to get involved in the martial arts.  Whether you’re trying to gain confidence, get into better shape or learn self-defense, martial arts is the answer.

boyFirst, what are martial arts?  The definitions vary from person to person.  Some say meditative art forms while others say hand-to-hand combat education.  There is no one true way to sum them up.  Martial arts are fighting systems derived from many years of experience and practice that allow you to strengthen your mind and body.  Depending on your reason and which art you choose will determine your definition.

The many reasons that are given for taking martial arts are: learn self-defense; learn respect; develop coordination; gain confidence; enhance strength; make athletes even better; improve focus; learn goal setting; and improve social skills.  Some answers, such as enhancing strength, learning self-defense and coordination, are self-explanatory.  One that is not is improving focus.

The improving focus area encompasses many of today’s issues, especially in children.  Many children today are diagnosed with ADHD, temper control problems and many simply need better study habits.  Through the discipline that is taught, the individual learns to redirect anger through healthy channels.  The focus that is required to hit the targets and heavy bags becomes a part of every action.  The same thought process they use to hit a target now becomes the way in which they attack math problems, for example.

There are even great benefits for those without children.  Having more focus will certainly help us in the workplace and at home.  Being able to concentrate on the task at hand will help us to meet our deadlines and soar past those who can’t.

Martial arts simply will improve every aspect of your life.  They will allow you to become stronger and gain more confidence.  No other sport can give you the full benefits that a quality martial arts instructor is able to deliver.  Whether you want to improve your child’s focus or learn self-defense for yourself, martial arts are the key.

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