by B Kenney | July 1st, 2009 | Cardio, Eating Tips, Exercises, Yoga

picYoga does the body good. More specifically, yoga helps exercise certain aspects that normal aerobic and intense workout routine don’t.

A weight lifting, or even running, routine will not address balance, relaxation, and flexibility like yoga does; all of which are very important aspects of a healthy body. Yoga also will help increase overall endurance, muscular strength and weight loss.

An ideal workout regimen will include weight lifting, aerobic, and yoga exercises in the entire routine.

The reason yoga has such an effect on the body is due to the unique motions and discipline ideals used during a normal session. The average body needs as much relaxation and range of flexibility as it does pounds of muscle. The different stretches and forms practiced in yoga help condition the body in many different ways. Frequent practice in yoga before a workout can also help reduce muscle tearing or severe injuries as it generally stretches vital muscles in the body.

Anyone interested in practicing yoga will find there are many different options to do so. Thousands upon thousands of books exist out there on many different exercises and forms, and, of course, there are just as many websites and online articles dedicated to the same thing. Those interested can purchase or rent yoga exercise DVDs, which actually display the forms and show correct ways to stretch.

For all you guys out there worried about looking silly, there are even some really cool poses out there; some take the form of an eagle, a bear, or even a deadly scorpion.

Yoga can even help regulate moods better. Some of the poses help reduce stress and increase overall body relaxation, almost like true meditation. Many poses and forms can provide the body with as much relief as a power nap. Of course, it goes with out saying, yoga also can increase total energy.

So, next time you’re stirring up a new workout routine, why not include a few minutes here and there of yoga? It’s been practiced for over 5,000 years, so where could you go wrong?

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