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Not Just For Health Anymore…

by C Zuver August 26th, 2008| Exercises

The DSM-IV-TR is the holy grail of psychology. It is a book that lists every psychological disorder and all of the symptoms that are agreed upon by the American Psychiatric Assosciation (APA).

Among sexual, social, emotional, and multiple other disorders

2008 Olympics

by Louise August 19th, 2008| Running, Sports
I've decided to take a break from talking about what we can do about our own fitness, in order to talk about the people who are considered to have the best fitness in our country (and sometimes the world): the U.S. Olympic athletes. Most of these athletes have been training

But If You’re Going for Tone Muscle…

by Bea August 12th, 2008| Exercises, Strength Training
High-intensity, low-volume lifting routines may be great for building muscle, but not for becoming tone. To read more about building your muscles and training to look buff and built, read the article, High Intensity Workouts Are The Way. However, if you are not looking to "get big" or show

High Intensity Workouts are the Way

by Joe Lawrence August 5th, 2008| Exercises, Strength Training

“You need to workout each muscle group until failure. It will take about two hours in the gym, if you ever want to get real results.” When you first were introduced to weight lifting, did the advice sound something like that?

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