Get to the ‘Core’ Issue in 2009

by Joe Lawrence | December 17th, 2008 | Cardio, Eating Tips, Exercises, Family Fitness, Running, Sports, Strength Training

Ahh, in just a few more weeks the new year will be here.  It is going to take us a couple of weeks to stop writing 2008 on all of our documents and even less time to forget our resolutions.  That is right, you heard me.  We make resolutions very spontaneously and never implement an actual plan to carry them out for any real length of time.

This year will be different.  You have the next few weeks to create a solid plan and schedule the time for implementation.  First, what is your fitness goal for 2009?  Mine is to focus more on my core.  Exactly how would you define success in this area?  For me, it will be to shed two inches and lower my heart rate by five beats per meet (BPM).

torsoNow the most important question, why?  I know having a strong core will greatly reduce my chance of serious health problems and eliminate potential back ailments.  Also, heart problems are hereditary, and less mass allows my heart to work less, as will a lower BPM.

This is my purpose.  That is why it is the most important question.  If your goal is to lose some weight because you want to fit in your skinny jeans again, that is yours.  Without the passion to succeed, you won’t.

Now, it is time to plan.  I am going to run a total of five miles per week.  Two days of 2.5 miles each.  I am going to add tougher core exercises to my daily plan.  Also, I am going to cut back on pasta (I love pasta!) by subbing it with veggies and more protein.

I have a written plan…be sure to write it all down for you to see.  How much time is this going to take?  Probably, two-three hours a week in addition to my current workouts.  That means I need to free up 30 minutes a day.  So, I cut out one tv show or read one less blog – DON’T YOU DARE CUT MY ARTICLES! 🙂

It is settled, every morning when I arise I will implement my routine.

What are your resolutions/plans?  Share them with everyone…we will hold you accountable.

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