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Do Epsom Salt Baths Really Work?

by Dr. Christopher Weaver April 5th, 2023| Fitness Expert
So chances are, at some point during your younger days you took a tumble or sprained an ankle, and being the wise healers that they are, your mom or grandmother made you a nice warm bath. She perhaps poured what seemed to be magic crystals into it as the water

50 Things I Know at 50

by Denise Druce July 10th, 2013| Fitness Expert
This is a big year for me. I hit the halfway mark on this amazing journey on June 3. Well, not really the halfway mark. At age 13, my Grandparents took me to the East Coast to celebrate our nation’s Bi-Centennial. I remember standing in front of the Liberty

The Art of Breathing

by Denise Druce June 14th, 2012| Fitness Expert

"When the Breath wanders, the mind is unsteady, but when the Breath is still, so is the mind still." - Hatha Yoga Pradipika

If you're breathing and you are aware that you are breathing, you're doing yoga.  You’re practicing Pranayama.  It’s that simple.  Pranayama is a sanskrit word

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