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Making Exercise a Habit (Not a Chore)

by Angela Yorke May 31st, 2012| Exercises
As anyone “on hiatus” from the gym would attest, it’s immensely easy to start an exercise routine. The difficulty lies in sustaining it long enough to reap the results. Exercise can be simple, but hardly easy. Indeed, most people would find the couch infinitely preferable to yet another session

Meeting Cardio Exercise Guidelines

by Heather Duchan October 27th, 2011| Cardio
A number of institutions, including the American Heart Association, provide guidelines for healthy living. They advise that adults should get regular cariovasular exercise. Most of these guidelines recommend that adults participate in moderately intense cardio exercise for at least 30 minutes per day, for five days a week. Moderately

A Few Minutes A Day

by LJ Dovichi April 5th, 2008| Exercises
To stay in shape, you spend 45 - 60 minutes working out 3 to 5 times a week. To stay healthy, you eat the proper amounts from all the major food groups -- avoiding too much sugar and fat. Even with all this dedication, did you know you are still

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