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Speed Walking Tips

by Bea September 24th, 2009| Walking
Some people are walkers, some people are joggers, and some people are runners. Others, well, they are speed walkers.

I do not know if you have ever seen a person speed walking. I remember the first time I saw a speed walker was on Malcolm in The Middle when Hal was
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by Louise September 22nd, 2009| Biking, Running, Walking
Sitting in volleyball or track practice, I cringe when I hear the word being spoken, "Hills." A dreaded word. On a run, on a bike ride, hills are menacing; they are threatening. They loom in front of me, and only seem to grow as I get closer. Yet, as inherently

Different Styles of Yoga

by Bea September 17th, 2009| Yoga
Most of us could tell you how Yoga can do wonders for your body. Whether it be a way to increase your flexibility, a method of relaxation, a meditation, a strength builder, or something else, there is something for everyone. Many of us know that there are different
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Weird Sports

by Louise September 2nd, 2009| Sports
So, we are all familiar with soccer, volleyball, cycling, and football, but what about all of those less common sports? Did you know that solo synchronized swimming (a bit of an oxymoron isn't it) was actually once a part of the Olympics? In fact, it was part of the 1984, 1988,

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