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Stair Running

by MPK May 5th, 2009| Running
Several months ago I read about a challenge that involved running stairs.  I don't recall the exact article, but I believe the author's challenge was for readers to be able to run 50 flights of stairs.  As it was fall and getting cool outside, a new, indoor cardio workout seemed

Are You Thirsty?

by B Kenney April 21st, 2009| Eating Tips
Are you thirsty now at this very moment? Well, guess what? That means you're body is already dehydrated!

Yes, you read correctly. There are many ways to tell that your body requires more fluids for hydration, but the worst is the method mentioned above. By the time your body registers the

Poomse Your Way to Warm-up

by Joe Lawrence April 14th, 2009| Cardio, Eating Tips, Exercises, Strength Training
Back in my martial arts days, I asked my instructor for some new workout ideas.  I was getting bored and needed to freshen things up a bit.  He created a very fun six week training plan focused on cardio strengthening.  I'm not going to share the whole workout but instead

Jump into the Water

by Joe Lawrence March 31st, 2009| Cardio, Eating Tips, Sports, Strength Training
"If you want to learn to swim, jump into the water." - Bruce Lee.

These wise words are so very true for those training for a certain sport or physical challenge.  Bruce was explaining that no matter how much we prepare or train to do something, it is fruitless unless we

Are You a Green Runner?

by MPK March 26th, 2009| Running
When you think about when you contemplate entering a race?

My guesses would be:

  • The distance of the race

  • The location of the race

  • The date of the race

  • Improving your time

However, do you consider whether the race is eco-friendly?  Our sister site, Be Green Info, has some great information on making running a "green"


by Joe Lawrence March 24th, 2009| Cardio, Eating Tips, Exercise Equipment, Exercises, Strength Training
The movie 300 has redefined fitness in the minds of many.  The incredible fitness levels of the cast motivated the hordes to learn how they got that cut.  Numerous people have created workout plans focused around it.  Today, I will share my favorite with you.

First off, I am a fan

The HappyHR

by B Kenney March 17th, 2009| Cardio
It's tough to calculate how many calories are burned through a normal daily routine, or even how many are burned while most of us sleep in bed. Some students from Georgia Tech, however, have made it much easier.

Through the invention of a device called the HappyHR, users easily can take

Reach Your Fitness Goals One Step at a Time

by Joe Lawrence March 10th, 2009| Eating Tips, Exercises, Sports, Strength Training
Many of us look at ourselves in the mirror and don't see something we like.  We wish we were thinner or more muscular or whatever.  Eventually, it will get to the point where we are ready to take action.  Even those in shape go through the same cycle.  They want to

Do I Really Need to Stretch?

by Louise March 3rd, 2009| Exercises
When fitting exercise into a tight schedule, making room for stretching before and after workouts often can be a hassle that ends up getting skipped or simply avoided: "I'm setting time aside to get active and burn some calories; stretching seems like wasting precious minutes... Is it really necessary?" The answer

Give Me More Calories

by Joe Lawrence February 24th, 2009| Cardio, Eating Tips, Family Fitness
The most basic building block of any diet is the calories that you consume.  Our body weight goals can be reached by regulating the calories we consume daily.

Calories obviously are needed to make our bodies function.  Every body type and person vary in the quantity of calories they need to

“Snatch the Pebble…”

by Joe Lawrence February 18th, 2009| Cardio, Eating Tips, Family Fitness, Sports, Strength Training
Why are so many people registering their children or themselves for martial arts classes?  There are numerous reasons to get involved in the martial arts.  Whether you're trying to gain confidence, get into better shape or learn self-defense, martial arts is the answer.


Dieting Supplements; Help You Don’t Need

by B Kenney February 10th, 2009| Cardio, Eating Tips, Exercises
One of the biggest things my significant other constantly asks me is "Should I take something to help me start losing weight?"

She feels that she needs to take some sort of dieting supplement because she has a very busy schedule with little time for herself. Therefore, the time she gets

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