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A Fitting Way to Eat

by Chang Song January 11th, 2011| Eating Tips
For many people in the United States, it is very difficult to exercise on a daily basis or even on a fairly consistent basis. It is even more difficult for many to plan a healthy diet around an exercise regimen. Isn’t that why obesity is such a big problem

Walking and Music: It is Personal

by TK January 6th, 2011| Cardio, Walking
The great thing about walking as a form of exercise is that it is something you can absolutely do on your own.  When walking alone, most people still need something to entertain their mind.  With the explosion of iPods and other MP3 players, almost everyone has a portable personal

Playground Strength Exercises

by Louise January 4th, 2011| Strength Training
Don't have a nearby gym or want to get your strength training without spending a dime? A playground is the perfect training area. Steps can be used for calf raises, benches can be used for elevated lunges or dips -- the possibilities are truly endless.

Monkey bars are

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