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The Belly Ball

by Erin Steiner July 15th, 2008| Exercise Equipment

Instead of calling it a "stability ball" perhaps we should call it a "belly ball" since scientists have shown that using a stability ball in conjunction with a cardiovascular workout can shed as much as an inch from your belly in as little as two weeks! The trick seems

The Rowing Machine

by Erin Steiner April 17th, 2008| Exercise Equipment

Staying in shape is something that has become increasingly problematic in our "on the go" culture. We are so busy working, taking care of a home, keeping up with social engagements, etc. that we often forget to make time for exercise. For some of us, this isn't a big

Excercise Band

The Only Exercise Machine You’ll Ever Need (and it’s under $10)

by Chris February 9th, 2008| Exercise Equipment
One of the biggest problems we all struggle with in our fitness regimen is finding enough time to fit in our workouts.

Unless you're a professional athlete or entertainer, working out is not part of your job description, and you're probably trying to squeeze exercise in around your work, social life,

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