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Exercising with Everyday Items

by TJ Davis July 22nd, 2010| Exercise Equipment
Money's tight. We can all relate. So what do you do if you want to get in shape but your budget does not allow for any splurging? Gyms charge high monthly fees, exercise equipment for your home - such as treadmills, steppers and weight benches - are very costly,

Hula Hooping

by Bea June 1st, 2010| Cardio, Exercise Equipment, Exercises
When I was little I used to have competitions with my sisters to see who could hula hoop the longest. Sometimes we would add in multiple hoops and other times we would use them to "jump rope" with. There were some times when I became bored with my hula

Inexpensive Equipment for Home

by MPK April 1st, 2010| Exercise Equipment
Recently, we published a series of articles about exercises that can be done at home for free and that will produce results. Thanks to the assistance of many knowledgeable fitness experts we were able to provide how-to information for upper body, lower body, and abdominal exercises. 

Chin-up bar or gun rack? You decide.

by Joe Lawrence January 20th, 2010| Exercise Equipment, Exercises, Strength Training
Chin-ups are an awesome upper body workout and one of the best exercises to build upper back muscles.  Couple chin-ups with a good push-up plan, and you soon will be selling tickets to the gun show!

I was very excited to get a chin-up bar for Christmas.  I had one

Shape Up

by Bea December 28th, 2009| Exercise Equipment, Walking
You probably have seen the commercials or the newspaper advertisements for those funny looking Sketchers. With their clumsy and clunky appearance I could have guessed that the shoe I saw in the ad belonged to Sketchers, but what they have done now is even funkier than any shoe they have
college fitness

Fitness in College

by Louise August 17th, 2009| Exercise Equipment, Strength Training
College requires much time management to get everything done. It is a major balancing act for everyone. There's work, social life, leisure time, and fitness. While it may be tempting to give fitness the short end of the stick, fitness is perhaps one of the most essential aspects of college life (and


by Bea May 12th, 2009| Exercise Equipment, Running, Sports, Walking
Though some people may find these "shoes" attractive, I think that they are the funkiest pieces of footwear I ever have seen! Remember those good ol' toe socks? Okay, well these shoes are similar to the socks in the sense that every toe has its own spot.

Vibram FiveFingers are


by Joe Lawrence March 24th, 2009| Cardio, Eating Tips, Exercise Equipment, Exercises, Strength Training
The movie 300 has redefined fitness in the minds of many.  The incredible fitness levels of the cast motivated the hordes to learn how they got that cut.  Numerous people have created workout plans focused around it.  Today, I will share my favorite with you.

First off, I am a fan

Enter the “Metrics”

by Joe Lawrence February 3rd, 2009| Cardio, Eating Tips, Exercise Equipment, Exercises, Running, Sports, Strength Training
There are two simple words that can deliver unbelievable results: isometrics and plyometrics.  One is for speed and explosiveness.  The other builds strength and flexibility.  Both are notorious for getting you in awesome shape.

Isometric exercises use your body's weight or strength to make your muscles work.  Huh?  A perfect example

Being Active While Staying in Your Own Home

by Louise November 19th, 2008| Exercise Equipment, Exercises, Strength Training
During the winter, your options for being active really start to dwindle. The cold temperature makes many outdoor activities impossible and when the weather is at its worst, going out to the gym or the local YMCA just isn't reasonable; it's best to stay safe at home...Yet, we must stay active!

For those of

The Stick

by Bea November 4th, 2008| Exercise Equipment, Exercises
Do you have sore or tight muscles? Have you been itching for a personal masseuse? Well, The Stick can solve almost all of your problems.

At first glance, The Stick looks like a stick with some pieces of cut up PVC pipe in between two handles. However, in reality,

Exercise Equipment (Found Around the House)

by B Kenney September 2nd, 2008| Exercise Equipment

Ever see those attractive exercise equipment commercials on television, and wish you had enough cash to buy the biggest and meanest workout machine? I know I have plenty of times.

Unfortunately, sometimes that’s just not an option in your budget. So,

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