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by Louise July 1st, 2008| Sports
I hear a lot of people talking about the one sport they love. In the fall, my friend plays for the volleyball school team. Winter, the same friend plays volleyball for a junior Olympics team. Spring, more junior Olympics. Summer, a summer volleyball league. Year-round volleyball. It has become a

Go Swimming

by Erin Steiner May 3rd, 2008| Sports

It has taken longer than usual, but the weather is finally starting to warm up and become spring/summer-like. With the increased temperatures and the return of the sunshine most people find that the idea of working out indoors is less than thrilling. Who wants to get all sweaty running

From Sitting To Swimming A Mile in 6 weeks

by LJ Dovichi March 29th, 2008| Sports
I was put on bed rest when I was pregnant with my son, and long story short, I gained a lot of weight and lost a lot of muscle tone. I had spent 5 months on the couch sitting and wasn't allowed any form of exercise. Then to add insult


by Bea March 14th, 2008| Sports
I have never played a sport before that involved a racquet of some sort. Even in gym class, when we played tennis, I wouldn’t play. You see, hand and eye coordination is not

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