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A Fun Today and A Healthier Tomorrow

by Chang Song March 15th, 2011| Sports
While many Americans spend a fortune buying expensive training equipments and dietary supplements, and paying outrageous fees for gym memberships, many of them don't actually enjoy the experience of working out and getting fit. Now, the thought of that defies logic: why would anyone do anything or, especially, buy

A Gentleman’s Game

by Chang Song February 15th, 2011| Sports
When we think about exercise, we usually think of running and lifting weights. We rarely think of walking as a part of exercising, or at least most of us don’t. When we think about sports to take on as an alternative to fitness programs, we usually think about flag

Playing to Lose

by Chang Song January 18th, 2011| Sports
I’m sure many of you are very familiar with the line said by former New York Jets and Kansas City Chiefs Head Coach Herm Edwards: “You play to win the game.” I mean how can you not, it is a sound bite that has been played again and again

Wrestling Workout for All

by Jacob Parzych December 23rd, 2010| Sports
As with any organized sports team, working out and conditioning are a major part of the season.  Being a member of my high school's wrestling team, I experience the joys of workouts on a daily basis.  Here are my suggestions for making a wrestling workout part of your regimen:


When the Weather Gets Hot…

by Bea June 24th, 2010| Running, Sports
This morning I went outside to go for my daily run. I have done my fair share of complaining about running in the heat, but in high school I had my coach to keep me from whining and a training program to stick to. Now that I run for

Getting into College with Sports

by Louise April 6th, 2010| Sports
I remember being told when I was a child that something like .01% of students goes to college with help from sports. I believed it, that high school sports wouldn't help me in the slightest.

However, during the college application process, one of my coaches, a recent graduate from college,

Exercise For Teens

by Jacob Parzych March 23rd, 2010| Running, Sports, Strength Training, Walking
These days, teens are in worse shape than ever.  Between 16 and 33 percent of children and adolescents are obese.  Obese teens are considerably more likely to die before the age of sixty than teens who are in shape.

Obesity is a very dangerous disease, so I am adding my thoughts

Save Money on Supplements

by Joe Lawrence November 18th, 2009| Cardio, Eating Tips, Exercises, Family Fitness, Running, Sports, Strength Training
When it comes to fitness, there is no secret that you put your body through the wringer.  Afterward your body requires the replacement of essential nutrients.  There are many companies and a trillion dollar fitness industry willing to sell you the secret potions to replenish you after a workout and

Stretching is important for athletes

by Joe Lawrence November 11th, 2009| Eating Tips, Exercises, Sports, Strength Training
'Is there really any value in stretching?'  I remember thinking this question in my  head while doing the flexibility drills in Tae Kwon Do.  After twenty-some years of fitness, the answer is a resounding 'yes.'

When I first began training in martial arts I was not very limber.  Being almost six

Broomball at first hand

by Bea October 20th, 2009| Sports
The goal is in sight. Left, right, left, I move my feet along the ice and progress toward the net. I have the ball under control and am surprised by the fact that I have not yet fallen straight on my butt. I am thinking to myself, Boy am I
world chess boxing

Weird Sports

by Louise September 2nd, 2009| Sports
So, we are all familiar with soccer, volleyball, cycling, and football, but what about all of those less common sports? Did you know that solo synchronized swimming (a bit of an oxymoron isn't it) was actually once a part of the Olympics? In fact, it was part of the 1984, 1988,


by Bea July 22nd, 2009| Sports

There are many aspects about school that make me excited to come back to Northeastern; however, I am really pumped to come back to play intramural sports. Intramural sports are not too competitive. While varsity sports and club sports are the types of activities that are played against other colleges,

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