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3 Interesting Chest Exercises

by Joe Lawrence September 30th, 2020| Strength Training, Upper Body
In my previous article about building upper body muscle, I told you to avoid benching for the one rep max bragging right. This is where people go and focus only on boosting their ability to complete a “respectable” rep on the flat bench. The problem is that is a

Upper Body Workout Apps

by Jessica B. July 3rd, 2019| Strength Training, Upper Body
If you are looking for a way to switch up your upper body workout and add a bit of variety to your regular routine, there are a lot of fun apps to download for inspiration. Here are some of my favorites.

Daily arm workout: This app allows you to choose
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Give Your Shoulders Punching Power

by Joe Lawrence December 1st, 2014| Strength Training, Upper Body

The shoulders are an interesting beast. They do so much and yet are not really that strong in relation to many other muscle groups of the body. If you do not believe me, hold a small weight (three pounds) in each hand, and then put your arms straight out
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Work Your Back while Breaking on Your Job

by Joe Lawrence June 30th, 2014| Strength Training, Upper Body
It would be great if we could work out on the job. To be able to combine fitness with our daily duties would be a great way to multi-task. Well, we can.

Honestly, exercise is the last thing I want to think about today. I just finished shoveling and spreading

Rope Climbing for Back Day

by Joe Lawrence June 23rd, 2014| Strength Training, Upper Body
Working out does not have to be a chore. In fact, it never has to be if you let your creativity take over. My favorite thing to do is to think of different ways to work a body part without creating a "routine." Routine is great for ease of
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True Strength Comes From Stretching

by Joe Lawrence June 16th, 2014| Strength Training, Upper Body
We are all very busy these days. We have work obligations, family obligations, and so much more that we hardly find the time to even work out. When we do muster up the time and energy to exercise, the last thing we want to do is to waste any
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Band Exercises for a Complete Back Workout

by Joe Lawrence June 9th, 2014| Strength Training, Upper Body
There are many things I have discovered in my many years of working out. One is that people tend to work the beach muscles more than the others. Another key thing is that if they worked on the "other" muscles more, their beach muscles would improve much more quickly
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Tension Band Arm Exercises

by Joe Lawrence May 26th, 2014| Strength Training, Upper Body
In my last few articles I have veered away from a principle I hold dear - anywhere workouts. I am constantly reading and searching for new ways to work out from home or at the office. This is not often easy when weights or running courses are involved. However,
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Get a Grip

by Joe Lawrence May 19th, 2014| Strength Training, Upper Body
One of my favorite gym exercises of all time is the dead lift. You can work almost every muscle group and walk away feeling like a beast. However, I have always had one problem I could not overcome…my grip. My legs and body were able to handle lots of
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Incline Dumbbell Curls are Superior

by Joe Lawrence May 12th, 2014| Strength Training, Upper Body
To start off this article…I love working arms. Specifically, biceps. By no means do I have huge arms; however, they are just fun to me for some odd reason. Mostly, I like them because you can isolate your arm muscles very easily and after a set you have a
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Push up Variations

by Joe Lawrence March 17th, 2014| Strength Training, Upper Body
When it comes to exercise, there are two things I look for to compile my list. They are variation to keep the routine exciting and the ability to do the exercise without special equipment. I want to be able to do the exercise anywhere I am, whether it is
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Push and Pull for Upper Body Strength

by Joe Lawrence February 17th, 2014| Strength Training, Upper Body
We all work our major muscle groups by isolating them. Some work just chest, just back, just abs, etc. Most people combine muscle groups like back and biceps or chest and triceps. We all vary the workouts to maximize the amount of time off in between and the ability

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