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16 Minute Vacation Workout: Tabata

by Joe Lawrence July 17th, 2024| 15 Minutes or Less, Strength Training

Ah, the crashing waves, the sun rising over the mountains, the sights of the rising skyscrapers, or whatever beauties your vacation offers you! Being on vacation is often very relaxing, especially those first few moments after rising from bed. However,

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Simple Vacation Exercise Ideas

by Joe Lawrence July 3rd, 2024| 15 Minutes or Less, Strength Training

Welcome to the summer! This is the time of the year where the kids are out of school, and we are excited to take the family vacations. However, I always fear getting out of my exercise rhythm while relaxing on

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Family Fitness While on Vacation

by Joe Lawrence July 27th, 2022| Lower Body, Strength Training
Vacations are a necessity! Without a break from the norm, we would all go crazy with the stresses we face on a daily basis. However, most of us fall out of our fitness routines while we are on vacation and it is a major reason that people state for
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Staying Fit in the Summer with Friends

by Sam P. June 24th, 2015| Fitness Expert, Teen

Staying fit this summer is way easier than it seems.  Of course, everyone is far more active in the summer, but the summer also makes being fit fun.  I mean, no one wants to go outside in the winter and run around with

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Get Your Butt to the Bleachers!

by Joe Lawrence August 14th, 2014| Cardio, Outdoor
There are many ways to get a great cardio workout and tone the legs and butt. Most of them involve some canned aerobic exercise like Buns of Steel, P90X, etc. However, I have a great routine that will not only strengthen and tone; it is a lot of fun.

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Summer Fitness Advice for Beginners, Continued

by Editorial Team August 13th, 2014| Fitness Expert
If you are still continuing on your fitness journey at this point in August, give yourself a round of applause. As noted in the previous article, many beginners give up in the summer if they haven't reached their goal.  However, fitness is a continual pursuit.  One does
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3 Ways to Integrate Cardio Into Your Vacation Days

by Marnie Bii July 31st, 2014| Assorted Workouts, Cardio
When vacationing, it's tempting to leave all of your worries, and exercises, behind until you return home. If you do that, however, you might find your progress taking a sudden backslide. Fortunately, you can integrate cardio routines into your vacation days without taking away from the fun. In fact,
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Summer Fitness Advice for Beginners

by Editorial Team July 9th, 2014| Fitness Expert
Summer is here; the season which inspires many to workout.  However, if summer has arrived and you aren't in what you deem to be perfect a bathing suit body, you may be feeling frustrated.  Don't look at the arrival of summer as a disappointment, rather see it as a

When the Weather Gets Hot…

by Bea June 24th, 2010| Running, Sports
This morning I went outside to go for my daily run. I have done my fair share of complaining about running in the heat, but in high school I had my coach to keep me from whining and a training program to stick to. Now that I run for

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