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Push Yourself for Just One More…

by Joe Lawrence November 25th, 2008| Cardio, Eating Tips, Exercises, Family Fitness, Running, Sports, Strength Training, Yoga
Have you ever noticed that you gain faster results when you workout with another person?  Why is it that the same exact workout plan when done in a group is much more effective than on your own?  The answer is truly mind over matter.

When we workout with another that person

Being Active While Staying in Your Own Home

by Louise November 19th, 2008| Exercise Equipment, Exercises, Strength Training
During the winter, your options for being active really start to dwindle. The cold temperature makes many outdoor activities impossible and when the weather is at its worst, going out to the gym or the local YMCA just isn't reasonable; it's best to stay safe at home...Yet, we must stay active!

For those of

Drop Two Minutes from Your 1.5 Mile Run

by Joe Lawrence November 11th, 2008| Cardio, Exercises, Running, Sports, Strength Training
Let me start by saying, I do not enjoy distance running...at all.  I do love to sprint, though.  However, the Air Force requires me to run, and I am tested on my 1.5 mile run time.

Not too long ago (less than a year) I was timed at 11:36 for my

The Stick

by Bea November 4th, 2008| Exercise Equipment, Exercises
Do you have sore or tight muscles? Have you been itching for a personal masseuse? Well, The Stick can solve almost all of your problems.

At first glance, The Stick looks like a stick with some pieces of cut up PVC pipe in between two handles. However, in reality,

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