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Safe on Snow and Ice

by Louise January 29th, 2009| Family Fitness
This post is for persistent adventurers; those who, in the winter time, continue to drag themselves onto the snow and ice, even when it can be very dangerous. As a runner myself, I know that being inside on a treadmill just isn't the same as the fresh air and changing

My Grandma Can Kick Your Butt!

by Joe Lawrence January 20th, 2009| Eating Tips, Exercises, Family Fitness
According to my dad, my grandparents walked uphill, both ways, through twelve feet of snow, with only one pant leg and no shoes.  This was only their journey to school each day.  No wonder they were also able to inhale a pound of bacon and never worry about calories.

I am

Keeping Resolutions

by MPK January 14th, 2009| Cardio, Exercises, Strength Training
We are two weeks into the new year, and many people are busy trying to accomplish their resolutions. Or are they?  Based on my own observations, it seems that many people have postponed work on their resolutions or have given up already.

However, it is not too late to begin meeting

Exercise Helps Keep Older Adults Healthy

by B Kenney January 6th, 2009| Cardio, Eating Tips
A brand new study that took place at the University of North Carolina has revealed that proper exercise helps to prevent age-related brain changes, and possibly illness, in much older adults.

According to the study presenter, Feraz Rahman, M.S., the "results show that exercise may reduce age-related changes in brain vasculature

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