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Muscle Confusion, Say What?

by B Kenney May 27th, 2009| Eating Tips, Exercises, Strength Training
The worst part of my workout routine is the set of dead lifts I do. I never have been completely comfortable doing them because well...let's face it, dead lifts are tough. So, I tend to always avoid using dead lifts in my workout routines. But in all actuality, the dead

A New Kind of Race

by Louise May 19th, 2009| Walking
This past Sunday I participated in the Walk for Water in Nashua, New Hampshire. This race, unlike a typical 5k, involves a weight: a 40 pound, water-filled jerry can. To us, a jerry can is something that we might recognize as holding fuel. To thousands of people in Africa, a


by Bea May 12th, 2009| Exercise Equipment, Running, Sports, Walking
Though some people may find these "shoes" attractive, I think that they are the funkiest pieces of footwear I ever have seen! Remember those good ol' toe socks? Okay, well these shoes are similar to the socks in the sense that every toe has its own spot.

Vibram FiveFingers are

Stair Running

by MPK May 5th, 2009| Running
Several months ago I read about a challenge that involved running stairs.  I don't recall the exact article, but I believe the author's challenge was for readers to be able to run 50 flights of stairs.  As it was fall and getting cool outside, a new, indoor cardio workout seemed

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