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Recognize a Real Injury

by Louise June 23rd, 2009| Running
There are some people who feel a little bit of pain and stop whatever they are doing immediately. They might whine or complain frequently, and observers tend to think they are overreacting. Equally at fault, however, are the people at the other end of the spectrum: the ones who feel

Gatorade versus PowerAde

by Bea June 18th, 2009| Eating Tips
Gatorade or PowerAde? That is the question. Personally, if I had to choose I would say neither and would pick water. However, there are times when it comes down to replenishing electrolytes and sodium in my body while keeping my body hydrated. On a rare occasion I may venture into

Summer Fitness & You- Part II

by MPK June 17th, 2009| Biking, Cardio, Exercises, Running, Strength Training, Walking
Summer is here, and you are ready for a great workout.

Yesterday we shared some ideas for warming up and cooling down during summer workouts.  Today we have some suggestions from Trent Nessler, managing director of Baptist Sports Medicine in Tennessee, for exercising when it is hot outside.

The first thing

Summer Fitness & You- Part I

by MPK June 16th, 2009| Cardio, Strength Training
Through the cold months of winter and rainy months of spring, many can be heard saying, "Once nice weather arrives I can exercise outside!"  However, this nice weather can turn hot pretty quickly, and outdoor exercise is avoided.  To learn more about summer fitness ideas, I interviewed Dena and Alexis

More Tips for Summer Fitness

by Louise June 9th, 2009| Cardio, Outdoor
A previous posted article, 5 Tips for Summer Fitness, has some great words of advice for summer training. These pointers are applicable in the summer year after year: 1. Start earlier, 2. Stay hydrated, 3. Eat lighter, 4. Be active in the evening, and 5. Get adequate rest.

Sports Massages

by Bea June 2nd, 2009| Eating Tips, Exercises, Sports, Strength Training
Sports massages are not your typical massages. You may be thinking, but it is a massage! How could you want to avoid one of those? Well, sports massages may not always feel great. Sometimes it is necessary to break down knotted up muscles--which leaves you sore the next day, but

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