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Moose On the Loose

by Bea July 30th, 2008| Family Fitness, Running, Sports
Have a running group? It's a lot of fun just to get together as a group of people and go for runs throughout the week. However, have you ever thought of racing together as a team? You should, because it's a ton of fun!

On August 24th, 2008, at 9am,

5 Tips for Summer Fitness

by Melissa June 17th, 2008| Family Fitness
The sun beats down, the days are hot and humid, the air is sticky- yes, summer is here. So, how do you stay fit and active when all you want to do is stay in your house and dream about the cooler days of autumn?

Here are five tips to

Keep your Kids Fit by Going on a Safari!

by Melissa May 13th, 2008| Family Fitness

Spring fever is here, and with it, unpredictable weather. My kids seem to be bouncing off the walls with energy, and if it’s a cold or rainy day outside, they tend to spend their energy on…um…unproductive activities. (No, I don’t like

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Never Too Young

by LJ Dovichi April 26th, 2008| Family Fitness
You are never too young to play sports and keep fit. Even young children can play, from those just walking to the ones getting ready to start children's leagues. They might not understand the rules of the game, but they can work on their hand eye coordination and keep their

Family Fitness

by Melissa April 11th, 2008| Family Fitness
Families today are enticed daily with couch potato-like activities: video games, surfing the net, movies, and reality television. Sometimes it’s hard to motivate our children to exercise when it competes with the instant gratification of “entertainment”.

I want my family to have good health and to enjoy the benefits of

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