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Use of a Weight Room

by Louise February 29th, 2008| Strength Training
Don't use the weight room? It's something you should definitely consider. You know that being active is imperative to a healthy lifestyle. You've heard that keeping a healthy heart involves cardiovascular activities. What you may have forgotten is that keeping all of your muscles strong, not just your heart, is

Five Minute Abs

by Bea February 22nd, 2008| Exercises, Strength Training
After every warm-up lap around the school, my track team stretches, does X amount of push-ups, and then we do "Five Minute Abs." A lot of people do not have the motivation to take the time and do abdominal workouts, but this makes the process fun!

What do you do? Grab


by MPK February 13th, 2008| Cardio
As I sit in a comfortable chair by the fireplace while snow falls outside, I am envisioning my outdoor plans. While many see the snow and wonder when spring will return, along with their outdoor workouts, I am excited to know that my outdoor activities can continue.

Physical activity is
Excercise Band

The Only Exercise Machine You’ll Ever Need (and it’s under $10)

by Chris February 9th, 2008| Exercise Equipment
One of the biggest problems we all struggle with in our fitness regimen is finding enough time to fit in our workouts.

Unless you're a professional athlete or entertainer, working out is not part of your job description, and you're probably trying to squeeze exercise in around your work, social life,

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