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Some Small Exercises You May Not Be Familiar With

by Bea December 31st, 2008| Exercises, Strength Training
Here are some unique, or not so unique, exercises that I have picked up over the past few months. They are meant for strengthening your core, legs, arms, and more, and they can be done whenever/wherever you please!

Bent Knee Heel Touches: Lay with your back on the ground, and lift

Get to the ‘Core’ Issue in 2009

by Joe Lawrence December 17th, 2008| Cardio, Eating Tips, Exercises, Family Fitness, Running, Sports, Strength Training
Ahh, in just a few more weeks the new year will be here.  It is going to take us a couple of weeks to stop writing 2008 on all of our documents and even less time to forget our resolutions.  That is right, you heard me.  We make resolutions very


by Bea December 9th, 2008| Running, Walking
Winter training season is now in session. According to the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) my crew coach is not allowed to hold organized team practices. She is not supposed to be at practices and "coach" us over the winter break. However, as athletes, the team realizes that we need

How Much Time Should You Really Exercise?

by B Kenney December 2nd, 2008| Cardio, Eating Tips, Exercises, Family Fitness, Strength Training
Exercise is good for many things. It can make you skinny, keep you healthy, make you buff, and in, many cases, even make you feel better in many different ways. There is only one big problem with information on exercise that can be found just about anywhere- nothing truly says

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