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Strength Training: Lower Back

by Louise March 29th, 2011| Exercises, Strength Training
It seems as if everyone gets a back injury at some point in their life. Because these injuries typically are a result of improper lifting, the most common suggestion for avoiding back injury is simplly to lift the proper amount of weight in the proper manner. Certainly, this will

Stepping Outside the “Walk”

by Bea March 28th, 2011| Walking
We all know that walking can get you places. Walking can get you from point A to point B, but it can also get you in shape and feeling healthier and happier. Once you have "mastered" the art of plain walking, you can start to make some variations and

Running Surfaces

by Louise March 22nd, 2011| Running
What you run on is important. Each surface affects your form in a different way. Densely packed surfaces can be hard on joints, while more “giving” surfaces can be hard on certain muscle groups. The stress from the impact falls in different areas. All surfaces have pros and cons.


Hiking Glendalough, Ireland

by Bea March 21st, 2011| Exercises
This past weekend I was fortunate enough to complete perhaps one of the most beautiful walks I have ever done in my life. Located about an hour and a half from Dublin, the settlement of Glendalough, Ireland, is a site that you would have never had guessed was there.

A Fun Today and A Healthier Tomorrow

by Chang Song March 15th, 2011| Sports
While many Americans spend a fortune buying expensive training equipments and dietary supplements, and paying outrageous fees for gym memberships, many of them don't actually enjoy the experience of working out and getting fit. Now, the thought of that defies logic: why would anyone do anything or, especially, buy

Home Sweet Home

by Chang Song March 14th, 2011| Cardio
Here in the United States, we want results fast. That's why we love fast food restaurants, that's why many people want to vote President Obama out as the Commander-In-Chief because the stimulus package hasn't been effective yet, and that's exactly why a lot of people turn to cardio workouts

Cleansing Tips

by Carlo Celotti March 11th, 2011| Fitness Expert
Spring is a great time for cleansing.  Here are some tips to get you started:

-Cleansing doesn't have to involve the extreme measures you may have heard about, such as fasting, consuming only juices or others you may have been told about.

-Often times, just cleaning up your diet can be

Exercising Outside vs Inside

by Bea March 10th, 2011| Exercises
When you first think about it, it makes more sense that exercising outside would be more beneficial to you than exercising inside. True, you could get close to the same workout in, but being outdoors has other benefits as well. Being outdoors can revitalize you in ways that a

The Dynamic Duo

by Chang Song March 8th, 2011| Eating Tips
Spring is a season that gives many people around the globe a good chance to shed some pounds they had gained during the hibernating season of winter. Thus, the best ways for anyone to become healthier are to implement frequent exercise and healthy eating, the dynamic duo in fitness.


Dumbbell Exercises

by Louise March 4th, 2011| Strength Training
Dumbbells often line the walls of a gym, ranging from 1 lb. "mini" dumbbells, to 100 lb. monsters. Every person has a different set of dumbbell weights that are suitable for his or her use, depending on the exercises that are performed. Here are a few you can try:

  • Triceps

Intro to Pilates

by Lindsay Lopez March 3rd, 2011| Fitness Expert
If you’re wondering what to wear to your first Pilates session, I’m here to help. First and foremost make sure to wear something comfortable that you can move in. Try to avoid overly baggy attire so that you won’t get caught in the equipment or spend too much time

Walking shoes

by Bea March 1st, 2011| Walking
Walking shoes are not the same as running shoes. They also are not the same as cross trainers. What's the difference?

Walking shoes are much more flexible. If you hold the heel and the toe and twist and turn a walking shoe, you will find that it completely different than

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