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Lower Body Workout Made Easy

by Joe Lawrence December 9th, 2013| Lower Body
If you have read any of my other articles on working out, you have discovered that I do not employ many conventional fitness regimens, mainly because I do not have the time I used to with work and children. Also, because I enjoy mixing things up while I am
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Avoiding a Winter Weight-erland

by James Maynard December 6th, 2013| Video
It is easy to put on weight with winter coming on. Part of this is instinct – our bodies naturally prepare for lean months by packing on weight. But, this can be unhealthy behavior, given modern life styles. Some of the reasons behind winter weight gain are explained in
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High Altitude Walking

by Bea December 5th, 2013| Cardio, Walking
I cannot stress how important it is to do some research before you travel somewhere. I recently moved from sea level to close to 10,000 ft above sea level. I moved to a ski resort and had every intention of spending my first afternoon there on the slopes, until
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Don’t Wait for New Year’s Resolutions

by Kimberly Hays December 4th, 2013| Mind & Body
Each New Year’s Eve the majority of the population of the US makes a resolution to stop or start doing something, and most often it is to start exercising or exercising more. Usually by the end of the month, these resolutions are less than a faded memory and we

Don’t Just Hang There, Work those Abs!

by Joe Lawrence December 2nd, 2013| Core, Strength Training
Chin ups and pull ups are one of my most favorite exercises! They are unbelievable for the back and with the exception of a few other small exercises, they are all I did for back for almost a year. However, all that time just hanging around on the bar

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