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Band Exercises for a Complete Back Workout

by Joe Lawrence June 9th, 2014| Strength Training, Upper Body
There are many things I have discovered in my many years of working out. One is that people tend to work the beach muscles more than the others. Another key thing is that if they worked on the "other" muscles more, their beach muscles would improve much more quickly

Cardio for your Back: Bodyweight HIIT Training

by Marnie Bii June 5th, 2014| Assorted Workouts, Cardio
If you want to work your back muscles while doing some cardio, consider this ladder workout using HIIT principles. HIIT routines focus on short, yet high intensity intervals broken up by short rest periods. At less than thirty minutes total, you can work brief ladder workouts into your day
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Weekly Exercise For Health

by Dean Heller MD June 4th, 2014| Fitness Expert, Medical
Q:  I am 61 and have been taking care of my sick husband for a few years.  I want to start to exercise, so I can be healthy.  How much exercise do I need to do to get the most benefit health wise?

A:  Great question!  Many people exercise to
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Keto: Not Just Another Fad Diet

by Marnie Bii June 3rd, 2014| Accessories, Diet Plans
You may have tried your fair share of low carbohydrate diets over the years, including the well-known Atkins plan. However, have you heard of the Ketogenic, or keto, diet that's taking the world by storm? This low carbohydrate diet option gives you a surefire way to lose weight by
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June’s Fitness Focus

by Editorial Team June 1st, 2014| Cardio
This month our cardio and strength training articles will have the same focus- working on our backs.  Although we may not often think about exercises that strengthen our backs, they truly are key.  A strong core, which includes abs and back, is vital to good health and strength.  Be

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