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Bringing Your Bicycle Inside

by Jessica B. October 24th, 2013| Cardio, Indoor
 As the weather turns to gray, you have a lot of options if you have big biking plans for the spring. One of the easiest things you can do is to bring your outdoor bicycle inside and put it on a stand that converts your bike into an exercise

Tabata Workouts

by Jessica B. September 26th, 2013| Cardio, Indoor
Are you interested in some basic home workouts that are great for cardio, but do not need any equipment, then you might want to give a Tabata workout a try. A Tabata workout is a great way to build up cardio, you do an exercise

Soulcycle – the New Indoor Cycling Trend

by Jessica B. August 1st, 2013| Cardio, Indoor
What started as a cult workout in a little back room in NYC is starting to spread across the Tri-state area, revolutionizing indoor cycling and making it just a little bit more interesting.

If you are like me, the idea of sitting on a bicycle going nowhere for any period

Apps to Improve Indoor Workouts

by Jessica B. May 9th, 2013| Cardio, Indoor
I don’t know about you, but I sometimes find indoor workouts tedious. You run on a treadmill for an hour, but go nowhere. You row for 30 minutes, but never feel the cool breeze off the water. You bicycle, but just sit in one place. One way I have

Indoor Workout Games

by Mackenzie M. April 11th, 2013| Cardio, Indoor
When it comes to working out indoors without a lot of expensive equipment, there are very few exercises that one can actually perform. However, to spice up an indoor workout, there are a few games you can play that will make working out a little more interesting and mentally

Fit & Firm with Rigorous Indoor Workouts

by R. Carnavale February 15th, 2013| Cardio, Indoor
Maybe the weather outside is frightful, or maybe you just don’t want to exercise outdoors or head to the gym. No matter, as there are lots of ways to get a rigorous cardio workout indoors. Working out indoors is convenient, far less embarrassing than working out in a gym

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