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Prerace Mistake: Water Overload

by Louise March 26th, 2014| Fitness Expert
Spring is around the corner and for many runners that means it is racing season! How should your prerace days differ from your regular run days? There are many myths associated with prerace preparation, and the majority of them are related to prerace nutrition. A big question mark for
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How to Jump Start Your Fitness Program

by Jason Brennan March 19th, 2014| Fitness Expert
Whether you are already involved in a fitness plan, starting one, or just restarting a “jump start” might be what you need to get your results moving in the right direction. If you have to decide that this is the year that you will be in the shape you
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Stronger Next Year

by Denise Druce March 12th, 2014| Fitness Expert
As the host of a local television show featuring health and fitness trends, I was able to interview Chris Crowley, author of Younger Next Year.  This book lays out a plan of healthy eating and moderate exercise that promises to have you feeling (and looking) younger on your next
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Exercise After Being Sedentary

by Dean Heller MD March 5th, 2014| Medical
Q:  My mother is 73 and all winter she stays indoors and then in the spring she goes out to do her usual exercise.  However, she seems to always get hurt early in the spring.  Since this winter has been particularly bad weather wise and she has spent so
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Race Day Inspiration: Learn from the Pros

by Louise February 26th, 2014| Fitness Expert
Every runner has their own special motivation for running. You might run for your health, for the competitive aspect, for companionship, to get places, all of the above, or none of the above. Whatever it is, it's a fantastic reason to run as long as what inspires you keeps
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Exercises to Get Rid of Love Handles

by Jason Brennan February 19th, 2014| Fitness Expert
The love handles are a target area for most of us; we do crunches and side bends in hopes that the abs will start to peek out. Trying to focus on reducing body fat in one particular area is called spot reducing and is very hard to do.

The best plan for
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by Denise Druce February 12th, 2014| Fitness Expert
None of my boys learned to crawl the traditional way. All three learned to "butt scoot" until they could pull themselves up to walk. But I don't remember any of them ever saying "This is too hard. I'm quitting. One of you will just have to carry me for
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Exercise Options for Older Adults

by Dean Heller MD February 5th, 2014| Medical
Q:  I am 75 and live in Florida, so it is very hot for most of the year.  In addition, I am fairly certain that I have some degree of arthritis, as I cannot chase my dogs as fast as I was able to do previously, especially in the hot
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Long Runs for Non-Marathoners

by Louise January 22nd, 2014| Fitness Expert
It's long been accepted that long runs are imperative for runners training for long races (e.g. marathons or longer). However, long runs can also be an important weekly inclusion for a runner who tackles shorter distances (from mid-distance track races to half marathons). It mostly boils down to the
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What are the Best Exercises for Losing Weight?

by Jason Brennan January 15th, 2014| Fitness Expert
Any exercise can help you lose weight.  However, there are some things to consider when designing your weight loss program.

Every weight loss plan should include cardio and resistance training.  Most people emphasize  cardio but resistance training is just as important. Cardiovascular training can keep your metabolism elevated for hours
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A New Life Resolution

by Denise Druce January 8th, 2014| Fitness Expert

Your purpose in life is to find your purpose

and give your whole heart and soul to it.

~ Gautama Buddha

 The average person's New Years Resolutions fizzle by the first week of February.  All over social media today, people are saying they gave their New Years Resolutions their

Pre-race Jitters

by Louise December 25th, 2013| Fitness Expert
Getting a bit anxious before a race is nearly inevitable. Pre-race jitters aren't necessarily a bad thing; the jitters can translate to adrenaline, which will help during the race (at least to start). However, jitters can escalate to a point that negatively affects performance.

The best way to fight pre-race

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