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But If You’re Going for Tone Muscle…

by Bea August 12th, 2008| Exercises, Strength Training
High-intensity, low-volume lifting routines may be great for building muscle, but not for becoming tone. To read more about building your muscles and training to look buff and built, read the article, High Intensity Workouts Are The Way. However, if you are not looking to "get big" or show

High Intensity Workouts are the Way

by Joe Lawrence August 5th, 2008| Exercises, Strength Training

“You need to workout each muscle group until failure. It will take about two hours in the gym, if you ever want to get real results.” When you first were introduced to weight lifting, did the advice sound something like that?

Feed your Muscles…

by Joe Lawrence July 30th, 2008| Cardio, Eating Tips, Exercises, Strength Training

You found a great workout plan with which you truly connect. You work your butt off at the gym everyday. Today you compared your measurements with your baseline numbers and discovered a 15% improvement. How would you like to make

Wii Fit

by LJ Dovichi May 8th, 2008| Cardio, Strength Training, Yoga
With obesity on the rise in children and adults, promoting fitness and healthy eating is more important than ever. In today's electronic age of dvd's, computers, and video games it's really hard to get off the couch and get some exercise. However, I think it just got a little easier,

Use of a Weight Room

by Louise February 29th, 2008| Strength Training
Don't use the weight room? It's something you should definitely consider. You know that being active is imperative to a healthy lifestyle. You've heard that keeping a healthy heart involves cardiovascular activities. What you may have forgotten is that keeping all of your muscles strong, not just your heart, is

Five Minute Abs

by Bea February 22nd, 2008| Exercises, Strength Training
After every warm-up lap around the school, my track team stretches, does X amount of push-ups, and then we do "Five Minute Abs." A lot of people do not have the motivation to take the time and do abdominal workouts, but this makes the process fun!

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