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Continuing Your Diet Plan

by James Maynard April 5th, 2013| Video
Last week, we looked at a few of the ways that you can jump start your weight loss plan. One of these was to set realistic goals for your diet, giving you benchmarks that you can meet in your quest for a healthier and more toned body. In this

Starting Your Diet Plan

by James Maynard March 29th, 2013| Video
How can you get weight loss started when you are feeling unmotivated or don't know where to start? Many people want to lose weight, but don't know where to begin on a diet plan. There is no simple way to lose pounds, and not one plan is ideal for

Workout for More Energy

by James Maynard March 22nd, 2013| Video
How do you get enough energy to last through the day? We all need endurance to get through a typical day of tasks, including work, friends, and family. But many people feel rundown and sluggish, making it difficult to get through the day without artificial boosts, such as caffeine.

Core Exercise for Middle Age

by James Maynard March 1st, 2013| Video
Core exercise becomes ever more important as people begin to age. This does not mean that everyone needs to do strenuous workouts in middle age and beyond, but what this does mean is that working to maintain your balance and posture can bring great health benefits. In this video,

Hike in Good Company

by Greg Cote November 9th, 2009| Video
As you get ready for your next hike, you'll want to make sure you pack plenty of water, dress appropriately, and bring some good music.  Check out our suggestions for the perfect pairing of music and hiking.


Keeping Cool

by Greg Cote July 31st, 2009| Video
With the weather being hot, you might not want to get even warmer working out.  Here's a great way to stay cool and keep fit. . .


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