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Stressed Spelled Backwards is Desserts

by James Maynard May 17th, 2013| Video
Stress is a leading factor in how your body retains fat. In order to give yourself a better chance at achieving and maintaining a healthy body, it is healthy to lower the levels of stress in your life, and deal as effectively as possible with the inevitable factors which

Healthy Chocolate and Wine

by James Maynard May 3rd, 2013| Video
In the 1973 Woody Allen film, Sleep, the lead character, Miles Monroe, is a health food store owner. He is cyrogenically frozen and awakes 200 years later to find quite a change in his livelihood; the foods we once thought were bad for our health have been found to

Healthy Fats: A Sleeper Issue

by James Maynard April 12th, 2013| Video
Incorporating healthy fats into your diet is an essential part of any beneficial diet. There was a time when people thought that all fats were bad, but some play essential roles in managing our health and weight. The way you incorporate these healthy fats into your diet plans can

Continuing Your Diet Plan

by James Maynard April 5th, 2013| Video
Last week, we looked at a few of the ways that you can jump start your weight loss plan. One of these was to set realistic goals for your diet, giving you benchmarks that you can meet in your quest for a healthier and more toned body. In this

Starting Your Diet Plan

by James Maynard March 29th, 2013| Video
How can you get weight loss started when you are feeling unmotivated or don't know where to start? Many people want to lose weight, but don't know where to begin on a diet plan. There is no simple way to lose pounds, and not one plan is ideal for

Workout for More Energy

by James Maynard March 22nd, 2013| Video
How do you get enough energy to last through the day? We all need endurance to get through a typical day of tasks, including work, friends, and family. But many people feel rundown and sluggish, making it difficult to get through the day without artificial boosts, such as caffeine.

Measuring What Makes You Up

by James Maynard March 15th, 2013| Exercises

Weight used to be the end all and be all to measure whether or not one had a healthy physique. Modern thought in fitness is now more concerned with body composition than with just weight. Body composition is made up of the amount of material included in your bones,

Exercising and Pregnancy

by James Maynard March 8th, 2013| Exercises
Exercising is important for everyone, and although women who are expecting a little one should be especially careful when choosing which exercises in which to partake, it is still a healthy choice to remain active. In this video, we learn several exercise tips that can be help guide expectant

Core Exercise for Middle Age

by James Maynard March 1st, 2013| Video
Core exercise becomes ever more important as people begin to age. This does not mean that everyone needs to do strenuous workouts in middle age and beyond, but what this does mean is that working to maintain your balance and posture can bring great health benefits. In this video,

Best Headphones for Workouts

by James Maynard February 22nd, 2013| Exercise Wear
Listening to music or talking on the phone are great ways to pass time while working out at the gym. Whether you use an iPod, tablet, phone, or other personal device while working out, part of integrating these devices into your workout regimen is choosing the right set of

Tone up in Ten Minutes

by Melissa Koerner December 19th, 2012| Exercise Equipment
“I don’t have time to workout!” is the number one challenge I hear from people when it comes to exercise. Well, if you’re one of those people who doesn’t have a lot of time to train each day, here’s a solution to your problem:  all you need is 10 minutes

Get Slim Without the Gym

by Melissa Koerner November 7th, 2012| Fitness Expert
No need to get a membership at the gym to fulfill your goal to get fit!  With this workout all you need is a BOSU ball and some dumbbells.  And if you don’t have a BOSU, don’t worry about it—you can do all of these exercises with out one—but

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