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A Cellulite Subject

by James Maynard September 27th, 2013| Exercises
Cellulite can make us look much older than we are, but the effects can be reduced. People spend millions of dollars on creams and lotions to help treat cellulite, but those products often have marginal results. The real secret to getting rid of cellulite is

Trim Down Fast with Pilates

by James Maynard September 20th, 2013| Exercises, Video
Pilates are a great way to flatten and tone abdominal muscles. This is an area of the body with which many of us are not happy. But Pilates offer a simple, easy workout routine designed to make us look better around the middle. In this

Yoga: More than Exercise

by James Maynard August 23rd, 2013| Video
Yoga is a fantastic way to stay in shape and keep one's body healthy, but it is also more than that. The practice of yoga is also a way of calming one's mind, relieving stress, and creating a harmony within one's entire body system. This can not only make

Avoiding Sports Injuries

by James Maynard August 16th, 2013| Video
Sports are a fantastic way to stay healthy for people of any age. For children, they can help to instill a sense of teamwork and fair play; however, sports injuries are a real concern, and they can often keep you or your child from participating in sports for a

Me? Running? That’s a Stretch!

by James Maynard August 8th, 2013| Video
Stretching before running is important to keep you safe from injury, make your workout easier, and help you experience fewer strains and sore muscles. If you try to run without stretching out your muscles first, you will not get the best results from your workout. But, like everything else,

Drink to Your Diet!

by James Maynard July 26th, 2013| Video
Drinking alcohol while on a diet can be challenging. Alcoholic drinks contain sugars and other carbohydrates that can quickly add pounds back on that you have worked hard to shed. However, small amounts of alcohol, especially red wine, have been shown to have some health benefits, and a drink

Superfoods for a Super You!

by James Maynard July 19th, 2013| Video
Superfoods – you may have heard the term and wondered what it meant. The word sounds like something that would be good for your family – and they certainly are – but what are they? A good, healthy diet is one of the most important things you can do

How to Stay on Your Diet

by James Maynard July 5th, 2013| Video
Diets are easy to start, but much harder to maintain. There are so many temptations out there – from sweets to starches to alcohol -that it is hard to keep disciplined while you are trying to lose weight. There are several things that you can do to help yourself

Pasta for Better Health!

by James Maynard June 21st, 2013| Video
Pastas are a tempting food for many people. Not only are they comfort foods, but they are also delicious and inexpensive. But, not all pastas are created equally. There are some varieties that are better for you than others. Whether you are trying to lose weight, firm your body,

Firming up Arms to Look Great

by James Maynard June 14th, 2013| Video
Toning muscles is one of the most important things we can do during our workout routine to keep looking great. Few things about our bodies can make us look less toned and older than flabby arms. But how do you go about toning your arms, and which exercises are

Better Walking for Better Health

by James Maynard June 7th, 2013| Video
Maximizing your walkout routine can help you lead a healthier, more energetic life while reducing the amount of time spent at the gym. Most of us walk, and many people concerned with their health take hikes through the woods or in urban environments in order to provide exercise. Although
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Healthier Ice Cream: Its Own Reward

by James Maynard May 24th, 2013| Video
With warm weather now across most of the nation, people are beginning to think about ice cream once again. Americans eat, on average, 23 pounds of ice cream each. But, this delicious sweet treat is usually a no-no for folks concerned with their health and overall fitness. However, there

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