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Running Form: Part Two

by Louise December 30th, 2010| Running
When running, many of us take the time to determine the distance the run will be, where the run will be, and the pace we plan to take. One aspect we don't always consider, which is perhaps the most important one of all, is how we run; we often

Dress for Success

by Bea December 28th, 2010| Running
Athletic success, of course.

Getting ready to go for a run outside or to do some other sort of exercising outside is a very important task. Now I know that I do not really have to tell you all this, but what you wear really depends on what you are

Wrestling Workout for All

by Jacob Parzych December 23rd, 2010| Sports
As with any organized sports team, working out and conditioning are a major part of the season.  Being a member of my high school's wrestling team, I experience the joys of workouts on a daily basis.  Here are my suggestions for making a wrestling workout part of your regimen:


Stairs: Your Cardio Friend

by TK December 21st, 2010| Cardio, Exercises
Many people struggle with finding the time and motivation to work in some form of cardio.  Unused treadmills, rowing machines, stationary bikes, and elliptical machines act like the graveyard of people's good intentions to have a cardio exercise program.

It is with this in mind that we posed

Fitness Records

by Bea December 16th, 2010| Exercises
On Novemeber 23, 2010, Stephen Buttler, 35, of the UK, has set new world record for the most fitness records broken in a day. Seems like an interesting record to have. This actually ends up putting him as having 12 Guinness world records. In order to set the new

Eat, Exercise, and Be Merry

by Chang Song December 14th, 2010| Eating Tips
During the winter holiday season, it is important to relax and be happy because no one wants to be on Santa’s naughty list just right before Christmas. Often times, people find themselves more stressed out than they should be. One of the concerns during holiday season is that the

How Much Are You Walking?

by TK December 9th, 2010| Cardio, Walking
Often the simplest way for people to start an exercise regiment is by simply walking. It requires no special equipment and it can be done in almost any location.
But how much do you walk? Do you track the distance that you walk? This was the


by Louise December 7th, 2010| Strength Training
Over the summer, my cross country coach sent out a list of drills and exercises he expected us to complete in the weight room over the summer. I could do all of the requirements on the list except one thing: 3 sets of 7 chin-ups.

The first time I tried

Exercising When You Have a Cold

by Bea December 2nd, 2010| Nutrition
Exercising when you have a cold. Should you do it? I have had this internal dilemma for the past week or so. Sometimes I use it as an excuse and say to myself  "No, you should not run, you may waste needed energy or prevent your immune system from

Running Form: Part One

by Louise November 30th, 2010| Running
How do you know if you are running as efficiently as possible? The key is proper running form and mechanics. Naturally, there are many different running styles. Every person is built differently; therefore, every person has a unique stride. However, there are many aspects of form and mechanics that

Battle of the Stairs

by MPK November 24th, 2010| Cardio
I workout six days a week, which makes exercise a crucial part of my life.  However, as much as I enjoy starting my day with a workout, I always am trying to keep it interesting for my mind and challenging for my muscles.  One strategy that I have found

Fuel Your Workouts

by Chang Song November 18th, 2010| Eating Tips
Food, water, and oxygen are the essentials of surviving in this great universe of ours. Those three things are irreplaceable and are not to be had without the others, they are like the true Three Musketeers. This is especially true when one is going through the process of losing

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